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Toggle navigation. Noticeably used book. Heavy wear to cover. Pages contain marginal notes, underlining, and or highlighting. Accessories such as CD, codes, toys, and dust jacket Add to cart. Disclaimer:A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition.

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All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. The spine may show signs of wear. Hi, I have been looking for years with no luck for a book from my childhood. It was about a little girl who was moving and wanted to bring the moon with her.

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She put it in this little box. It was something like it got cloudy when they were moving so she truly believed she had brought the moon in her little box. I can't remember the title but the art was beautiful. I think the girl's name started with C Like Cecelia or Cynthia or something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So the book is about a girl who can hear a boys voice in her head all her life. Everyone told her she was crazy so she stopped telling people about the voice. Then she went to high school and a new boy entered her school.


She met him by running into him in the elevator. When she started talking to the boy in her head, they both realized that she was standing next to him in the elevator. That's all I remember about the book. Please help!!!! I believe this book is Submitted by Guest not verified on August 27, - pm.

I believe this book is Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. Trying to find this book Submitted by Griffin not verified on October 19, - pm. All I can really remember is that the main character is half fairy. Her parents were banished because the father is human not to sure, it has been years since I've read it. So in order to see them again, she had to give up her powers.

There was also a talking cat. The cover was of her flying if that is able to help. Try the Chaos series by Submitted by Charmaine not verified on October 22, - pm. Try the Chaos series by Claire Farrell, very similar, and a really good read. Lost book Submitted by Anita imam not verified on October 20, - am. Disliked by mother in law. Husband having affair brother drinking big business man commits suicide eventually. Maybe this one? Looking for a book about a girl immigrating to America Submitted by Luigi Romanelli not verified on October 20, - am. I used to live in Rotterdam, NY.

My 4th grade teacher use to read a book to the class during our lunch break. The book was about a girl migrating to America with her sister they were European, maybe Dutch, maybe German. They were going to live with their uncle, who was already there. They suffered poverty, living I believe in NY and I remember being touched by their story. I remember there was alo an Italian family maybe Gina was the name of one of the members of this family.

I remember that the younger sister was the main character. I remember the desperation of the sisters when they did not find their uncle waiting for them at the port I believe in New York. I remember there was a happy ending. Their uncle finally finds them! Any clues? I remember a long time ago Submitted by Arizona not verified on October 20, - pm.

I remember a long time ago hearing this story about a family that moves into a new house. They have 2 girls that start asking for more snacks at night because of the shadow kids. One night the mom goes to check on them and they are sleeping in the same bed. She realizes that they aren't breathing and pulls the blanket down to see why and the girls bodies are all chewed up. Turns out the house was previously occupied by a man who locked his girls in their room and starved them to death.

Picture book about old lady who wants a new home Submitted by Aiyana Bailin not verified on October 21, - am. Read in MA in the early s. A little old lady had a little house with a brook in the back and a cow and probably some pets. She wasn't completely satisfied and decided to move; went round the corner and moved in there; the scenario repeated itself 4 times, which brought her back to her old house, which someone had painted in her absence.

She was so delighted when she found that perfect house. Found it! It's buckets of paint by Edna Becker.

Can Trauma Lead To Addiction?

Credit for the solve actually goes to the folks at Loganberry Books; I knew I had seen it in their "Stump the Bookseller" forums, so I googled parts of your query along with their store name and it popped right up. Hello, Submitted by SB not verified on October 21, - am. Hello, I'm looking for a adult romance book I've been thinking about lately, can'tremember of it's good but I liked the storyline it has a semi similar premise as the New Species series. There are a group of individuals being tested on can't remember if they were created or already existed who have the key to a cure for a deadly disease.

A young women comes back from getting her medical degree to work with her father who is one of the head scientists there. One of the more dominant males of the experimenter on group loved her when she was younger and I belive they had a short fling before she left. He has a son with one of the other experimented females. He still cares for the human women and 'works' with her to help find the cure. He realizes shes sick when he smells or can tell something is off. They test her blood and she has the disease.

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He really quick fixes the issue and has her try again and tries to make her think she was never sick so she won't know he knows the key to curing the disease. YA novel about girl who befriends a 19th century family Submitted by JennyVogels not verified on October 21, - pm. I'm looking for this book - I can't remember author, title, or main character's name.

A girl finds a family living in the 19th century, right around the corner in her neighborhood, she can visit them anytime. They are religious, the boys are named Shem, Ham and Japheth.

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She brings them things like soda cans and pizza which they think are amazing, she spends the night there sometimes, under the goosedown comforter with hot rocks from the stove. I read it in the s, I think it was contemporary to then. I can't remember why they lived like that, I think they were under some kind of curse, and they couldn't leave their century, and maybe she was sort of the only person who could come to them, for some random reason.

They didn't know anything about the modern world, but they became good friends of hers, and explored the meaning of modern ideas like feminism and how that would come across to a 19th century frontier type housewife. It was a fascinating book and I started getting curious about when I realized how hard it was to find a book when you can't remember those basic details.

Please let me know if anyone has heard of this book or knows what it is called.

Unfortunate Hero : The Soldier's Path from Trauma and Addiction

Thanks so much. Help me find the book Submitted by Smriti not verified on October 22, - am. I am trying to find this book in which there are two sisters. Help me find this book Submitted by Nitika Chauhan not verified on October 22, - am. So i read this book like 3 or 4 years ago an it was the 1st book in a series.

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I have no clue who was its author or the name of the book i just remeber the plot vaguely. A guy saves her who later revealed is some kind of a prince or something. So it is revealed that is some kind of prophecy revolving around her sister as she has some sort of mark on her body and the prince took her to protect her from the bad guys. Basically she is the key to stop the bad guy. The prince stays with the girl and falls for her later revealed that she is the siater they actually wanted as she has the mark which was hid by her mother by tattooing on it when she was 7 or 8.

Later they go in the place or whatever where the sisters meet and the truth is revealed. Basically the ending is a cliffhanger where the bad guys attack the palace and eveyone is running ,so the prophecy girl ends up in a field or something where everyone is attacking each other. It is a fantasy paranormal book.

If anybody has any idea which book it is please do tell , i am literally dying. Trying to find book title Submitted by Alana not verified on October 21, - am. Is the book Adult or YA fiction? The first is a urban fantasy, the story is based around Vegas I think a hotelier who has some kind of magic portal in the bottom of his hotel.