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  1. Usage After Watergate
  2. Turning a scandal into a '-gate' - BBC News
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Usage After Watergate

A documentary about a brutal home invasion in Cheshire, Connecticut in Phil Spector TV Movie Biography Drama Music. Edit Cast Credited cast: Ramona Banuelos Herself archive footage David Brinkley Himself archive footage Pat Buchanan Himself archive sound Stephen Bull Himself archive footage John Chancellor Himself archive footage Charles Colson Himself archive footage Walter Cronkite Himself archive footage John Dean Himself archive footage Sam Donaldson Himself archive footage John Ehrlichman Himself archive sound Daniel Ellsberg Himself archive footage Sam Ervin Himself archive footage Carole Feraci Taglines: 40 years later his words continue to shock.

Genres: Documentary. Language: English. Runtime: 71 min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? The B airframe was not adopted for usage by the President until Add the first question. User Reviews. Was this review helpful to you?

Turning a scandal into a '-gate' - BBC News

Yes No Report this. Edit page. Lastly, Nixon foretells great glory p. He says, the year before this would happen, bread corn would be very dear and that the year following more troubles should begin which would last three years; that the first would be moderate, the second bloody, and the third intolerable; that unless they were shortened no mortal could bear them; and that there were no mischiefs but what poor England would feel at that time.

That afterwards the church should flourish, and England be the most glorious nation on earth. Lady Cowper was not content to take these particulars from Mrs. Chute, but she enquired of Sir Thomas Aston, of the truth of this prophecy and he p. As to the removal of Peckforton-mill, it was done by Sir John Crew, the mill having lost its trade there, for which he ordered it to be set upon Ludington hill; and being asked if he did it to fulfil the prophecy, he declared he never thought of it.

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I myself have inquired of a person who knows p. As there are several particulars in this prophecy which remain unfulfilled; so when they come to pass, some other circumstances may be added, which are not convenient to be told until accomplished. If I had a mind to look into the antiquities of this county, I might find that prodigies and prophecies are no unusual things there. Camden tells us that at Brereton not many miles from Vale-Royal which gave name to a famous, ancient, numerous, and knightly family, there is a thing as strange as that of the eagle, or the falling of the wall, which he says was attested to him by many persons and was commonly believed; that before any heir p.

He likewise adds that near the abbey of St. Maurice in Burgundy there is a fish-pond in which a number of fish are put equal to the number of monks of that place; and if any one of them happens to be sick, there is a fish seen floating on the surface of the water; and in case the fit of sickness proves fatal to the monk, the fish foretells it by its death some days before. This the learned Camden relates in his description of Cheshire and the opinion of the trees swimming in the lake near Brereton, prevails all about the county to the present day, only with this difference, that some say it is one log only that swims and some say many.

Lancashire, which is not far off, has been famous for witches and I am afraid Cheshire is a little infected by its neighbourhood. Those that will p. As two ancient persons were walking over the said Forest, to their great surprise, they saw at a distance before them an army rise out of the ground drawn up with their proper officers and their commanders in front of them, and whilst they were looking at and ruminating upon so strange a sight, to their most wonderful surprise and amazement there arose also p. These ancient people having spoken of the above vision it came to the ears of several gentlemen, who sent for, and examined them concerning the truth of it, which they were ready to make oath of for their satisfaction.

On the 6th of the same month, as seven men were going to Cheshire over the said forest, about the middle of it they saw to their astonishment, a vision much resembling that which was on the sixth as above described; only with this addition that the victorious army had many slain to all appearance, yet they resumed life again and joined their own army; all which is looked upon as a good omen, that if in case England is invaded by her enemies though the nation be seemingly dead and in great division, yet on the approach of the enemy they will all in one general heart and one mind exert p.

And the same hour there was a great earthquake , and the tenth part of the city fell , and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand , and the remnant were affrighted , and gave glory to God. Now what is the tenth part of the city which shall fall? This kingdom is the most considerable part or piece of the ten horns, or states, which once made up the great Babylonian city: it fell; this does not signify that the French Monarchy shall be ruined: it may be humbled; but in all appearance Providence does design a great elevation for her afterwards.

Afterward, it must build its greatness upon the ruins of the papal empire and enrich itself with the spoils of those who shall take part with the papacy.

They who at this day persecute the protestants know not whither God is leading them: this is not the way by which he will lead France to the height of glory. If she comes thither it is because she shall shortly change her road. Her greatening will be no damage to protestant states; on the contrary, the protestant states shall be enriched with p. This tenth part of the city shall fall, with respect to the papacy; it shall break with Rome and the Roman religion.

One thing is certain, that the Babylonian empire shall perish through the refusal of obedience by the ten Kings, who had given their power to the beast. This thing is already come to pass in part. The kingdoms of Sweden, Denmark, England and several sovereign States in Germany have withdrawn themselves from the jurisdiction of the Pope.


They have spoiled the harlot of her riches. They have eaten her flesh, i. This must go on and be finished as it is begun. The Kings who yet remain under the empire of Rome must break with her, leave her solitary and desolate.

Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Marie Yovanovich - Day 2

But who must begin this last revolt? Not Spain, which as yet is plunged in superstition and is as much under the tyranny of the clergy as ever. Not the Emperor, who in temporal matters is subject to the Pope and permits that in his states the Archbishop of Strigonium should teach that the Pope can take away the Imperial crown from him. It cannot be any country but France, which a long time ago hath begun to shake off the yoke of Rome.

And to heighten the affront the theses were posted up even upon the gates of his Nuncio. Nothing of this kind had hitherto happened at least in a time of peace and p. Besides this superstition and idolatry lose their credit much in France. But this is no difficulty; for we must know, that things retain the names which they bore in their original without regarding the alterations which time does bring along. Though at this day there are not ten kingdoms p.

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Seeing the tenth part of the city that must fall, is France, this gives me some hopes that the death of the two witnesses hath a particular relation to this kingdom. It is the street or place of this city, i. The witnesses must remain dead upon the street and upon it they must be raised again.

And as the death of the witnesses and their resurrection have a relation to the kingdom of France, it may well p. And in the earthquake were slain seven thousand; in the Greek it is seven thousand names of men, and not seven thousand men. I confess that this seems somewhat mysterious: in other places we find not this phrase, names of men, but simply men. Perhaps there is a figure of grammar, called hypolage casus , so that names of men are put for men of name, i.

But I am more inclined to say, that here these names of men, must be taken in their natural signification and do intimate that the total Reformation of France shall not be made with bloodshed, nothing shall be destroyed but names; such as are the names of Monks, of Carmelites, of p. This is an institution so degenerated from its first original, that it is become the ruin of Antichrist. These orders cannot perish one without the other.

There are some times fixed in prophecy, which by diligence, attention, and application men may arrive to some understanding of. There are indeed some times and seasons, the knowledge of which is not to be attained unto; and it would be wrong, as well as in vain, curiously to search into them. It is not for us to know the times or the seasons , which the Father hath put in his own power ; for p.

There are others and very remarkable events, the times of which are pointed at in prophecy; and which with diligence and application, a knowledge of them may in some measure be attained unto: as for instance, the first coming of Christ into this world to save men: the time for it was not only agreed upon and settled between the Father and the Son, called the fulness of time , but there were several prophetic hints of it; nay, not only was it described by some general circumstances, as that it should be before the second temple p.

There is a time set for the second coming and God in his times will show him, or cause him openly to appear; and though he will come in an hour we know not of, yet there are some circumstances pointed out in the p. So the last judgment which will take place at the second p. Sermon from 1 Chron.