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  2. View of Was Trafficking in Persons Really Criminalised? | Anti-Trafficking Review
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For more resources, please navigate to our Research Committee page. Also, RSS feeds from PubMed are available here , which includes up-to-date lists of medical literature from the PubMed library on trafficking. Kevin Bales, Laura T. Makini Chisolm-Straker, Cathy L. Harlow, A. Springer, Cham. Koegler, E.

Measuring Human Trafficking

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Journal of Human Trafficking, J Child Sex Abus. Epub Feb Sahl, S. Delta 8. Armstrong, S. PLoS Med 16 5 : e Arun Kumar Acharya : Prevalence of violence against indigenous women victims of human trafficking and its implications on physical injuries and disabilities in Monterrey city, Mexico, Health Care for Women International, DOI: Barnert, E.

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Fraley, H. Western Journal of Nursing Research, Fang, S.

View of Was Trafficking in Persons Really Criminalised? | Anti-Trafficking Review

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Preventive medicine. Iglesias-Rios, L. Kaufka Walts, K. Child labor trafficking in the United States: A hidden crime.

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George, J. Chisolm-Straker, M. Screening for human trafficking among homeless young adults. Children and Youth Services Review.

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Goldberg, Cliff Tang. Deckert, J. Hopper, E. A comparison of psychological symptoms in survivors of sex and labor trafficking. Behavioral medicine, just-accepted , Ottisova, L. Psychological consequences of human trafficking: complex posttraumatic stress disorder in trafficked children. Le, P. Health issues associated with commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of children in the United States: a systematic review.